Feb 032014

Last night Lee Johnson gave a presentation on projects and photo essays.

If you want to change your approach to photography from making isolated images to a series in essay form then perhaps the best way is to look at Photobooks.

One of the finest to start with is “The Americans” which was revolutionary when first published and it’s still inspiring today.

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Dec 102012

This is a link to a short video released by the National Media Museum.

Video Here

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Dec 032012

One of our members James Hull has just given me a link to a website set up by Amateur Photographer and What Digital Camera magazine.

I have given the site a quick look over and it seems to have a lot of information which will be very useful to members and to photographers in general.

In particular there are a series of illustrated technique articles covering subjects such as Exposure, Christmas lights, Camera settings and the like.

Members often ask the club to give more tuition on these points and this website might be a good place for them to start.

More detailed information will then be available at the club either by talking to the more experienced members or at one of our question and answer forum sessions.

This is the link to the website Photo Technique

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May 012012

We have a talk coming up in a few weeks but if you want to do a bit of homework first you could not do better than watch this video.

The lecture is excellent and really well illustrated.

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May 012012

The L&CPU have published some excellent how to guides.

Just follow these very clear and detailed instructions and you will never be disqualified again.

They explain how to re-size your images in both Photoshop and Lightroom.


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