Feb 072018

Members and visitors will want to get out and about this year with their cameras.

Here are a few events that might be interesting to attend.

29th March to the 2nd April 2018 Tornado Steam Engine East Lancs Railway Link: http://www.eastlancsrailway.org.uk/events-activities/2018/3/tornado-the-100mph-steam-engine.aspx

28th April till 7th May 2018 : Scarecrow festival Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/wray-scarecrow-festival-and-fair-p708620

12th – 13th May 2018 Ormskirk Medieval Weekend Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/ormskirk-medieval-weekend-p772110

26th – 28th May 2018 Chipping Steam Fair Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/ormskirk-medieval-weekend-p772110

17th June 2018 Cleveleys Classic car event Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/cleveleys-classic-car-show-p722340

16th -17th June 2018 Scorton Steam Fair Link: http://www.scortonsteam.co.uk

24th June 2018 Burnley Classic Car event Townley Park Link: http://www.burnleyclassicvehicleshow.org/show-info/information/

6th-8th July 2018 Southport Airshow (much earlier in the year than previously due to tides) Link: https://www.visitsouthport.com/airshow

15th July 2018 Fleetwood Festival of Transport Link: https://www.visitfyldecoast.info/advertisements/advertDetail.php?advertising_advert_ID=95&advertising_categoriesID=&advertising_subCategoriesID=67

20th – 22nd July 2018 Royal Lancs Show Link: http://www.royallancashireshow.co.uk

21st-22nd July 2018 Heysham Viking Festival Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/heysham-viking-festival-p809660

4th August 2018 Garstang Show Link: https://www.garstangshow.org

11th -12th August 2018 Blackpool Airshow Link: http://www.visitblackpool.com/detail/blackpool-air-show-2017-675160/

18th -19th August 2018 Lytham 1940 Festival Link: http://www.visitlythamstannes.co.uk/whats-on/lytham-1940s-wartime-weekend-p578420

26th August 2018 Chipping Agricultural Show Link Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/chipping-agricultural-show-p18946

27th August 2018 World Gravy Wrestling Championships, Rose N Bowl, 264 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, Lancashire OL13 0UG

Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/world-gravy-wrestling-championships-2018-p799220

26th -27th August 2018 Botany Bay Canal Fest Link: https://www.visitlancashire.com/whats-on/botany-bay-canal-fest-p874280

31st August – 2nd September 2018 two events in one

31st August 2018 Illuminated night kite fly and fireworks display St.Annes

AND 1st-2nd September 2018 Kite Festival St.Annes Link: http://www.stanneskitefestival.co.uk

1st-2nd September 2018 Vintage Festival by the Sea, Morecambe Link: https://www.vintagefestival.co.uk

6th -9th September 2018 Heritage Open Days Link: https://www.heritageopendays.org.uk/about

7th  September 2018 Blackpool Fireworks Link: https://www.liveblackpool.info/recreation-and-entertainment/events/19969/blackpool-world-fireworks-championships-2018

13th-16th September 2018 Heritage Open Days Link: https://www.heritageopendays.org.uk/about

14th, 21st, 28th September 2018 Blackpool Fireworks Link: https://www.liveblackpool.info/recreation-and-entertainment/events/19969/blackpool-world-fireworks-championships-2018

28th – 29th September 2018 Southport Musical Fireworks Link Link: https://www.visitsouthport.com/whats-on/british-musical-fireworks-championship-p169661

2nd – 4th October 2018 Light up Lancaster Link: http://lightuplancaster.co.uk/


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Jan 232015
Stone Shelter Pendle Hill

Stone Shelter Pendle Hill


Snow doesn’t hang around all that long so our members braved the cold and fog to get this image on Pendle Hill on Thursday

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Jan 232015
It's Just Me

It’s Just Me

The Night Walker

The Night Walker

Street Life

Street Life


If you want to know what happens in Blackburn Town centre on a wet Wednesday there’s only one way to find out.

Our brave members set out on an expedition and found lots of photo opportunities but not many people about.