May 012018

Winsor Cup for Prints of Blackburn by Advanced Workers

First Place   Keith Stewart – Blackburn at Night

Second         Keith Heyworth – One Cathedral Square

Third             Mick Park Daisyfield Mill

Rosenburg Cup for Prints of Blackburn by Beginners

Winner        Allison Whitaker  – The Clock Tower

Supplementary competition for digital images

First              Jim Cunningham – Old and New on the Boulevard

Second          Bob Singleton   – The New Bus station

Third             Malcolm Taylor – And Some fell on Stoney Ground

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Apr 102018

Current Positions after Club Comp 3

Name CC1 CC2 CC3 Total
Jim Cunningham 1 5.5 8 14.5
Richard Heyes 5 0.5 2 7.5
Jeremy Malley-Smith 3 2 5
Keith Stewart 2 1.5 3.5
Teresa Roberts 3 0.5 3.5
Kath Lovack 3 3
Bob Singleton 2.5 2.5
Mick Park 2 2
Mike Stanley 2 2
Keith Heyworth 1.5 1.5
Nan Goodall 1.5 1.5
Malc Taylor 1 1
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Apr 102018



1st Canal and Mill – Jim Cunningham

2nd Moto X Rider – Keith Stewart

3rd Storm over Derwent Water – Keith Stewart


Victoria Building – Jim Cunningham

Castle in the Loch – Keith Stewart


Projected Images

1st Darcy – Jim Cunningham

2nd Dog Otter with Wrasse -Jeremy Malley-Smith

3rd Highland Cattle – Keith Heyworth


A Winter Day on Blencathra – Jim Cunningham

Red Car – Keith Heyworth

A Snowy Day – Jim Cunningham

Our Family – Jim Cunningham

Making Smoke Signals – Teresa Roberts


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Apr 042018


The Death of a Glacier – Jim Cunningham

Blackpool in Mist – Jim Cunningham

The Old and the New – Nan Goodall

Highly Commended
The Beach – Llanca, Spain – Nan Goodall
Northern Lights – Jim Cunningham

Digital Images

Best friends for ever – Teresa Roberts

Kestrel with Vole Brockholes – Bob Singleton

Earby Stream – Mick Park

Highly Commended
Oh, the Heat! -Malcolm Taylor
Rug Maker – Malcolm Taylor

Derwent Water – Mick Park
Ist Hoverfly of the year Episyrphus balteatus – Bob Singleton
Signs of Spring – Richard Heyes
Bridestone Rocks – Mick Park

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Feb 202018


Club Competition One Theme Open – Judge Mike Stanley


1st Richard Heyes – High Tide on the Fylde Coast

2nd Jeremy Malley-Smith – Puffin with nesting material

3rd Jeremy Malley-Smith – Red Deer Stag


Projected Images

1st Kath Lovack – Sweet Peas ( photo above )

2nd Richard Heyes – Robin

3rd Jim Cunningham – Road Block

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